MacBook Pro RAM Replacement in Kolkata

MacBook RAM replacement

MacBook Pro RAM Replacement in Kolkata

MacBook is one of the best and trusted brand in the market. Basically, Macbook is Known for its Operating System. The current lineup consists of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. If your MacBook does not work properly and is having an issue within it while doing any work then it is most likely that the hardware of the MacBook has gotten faulty and needs to be replaced. It can sometimes get frustrating if your MacBook stops working so without wasting time it is best to have a checkup of your laptop. There can be many Common MacBook Problems which can make your device stop working. One of which is when RAM stops working.

Here are some steps of MacBook Pro RAM Replacement guide:


MacBook RAM replacement

Firstly you need to order or purchase a new RAM for your MacBook which you will be using for your replacement

Note: Make sure you don’t attempt all this step while your device is under warranty because attempting all this can Lead your warranty to void.


Macbook RAM replacement

  • Remove all the ten screws securing the lower case to the upper case
  • Three 13.5 mm Phillips screws and seven 3 mm Phillips screws.


MacBook RAM replacementMacBook RAM replacement

  • Press your fingers between the lower case and the vent, and lift upward to release the two clips holding the lower case to the upper case.
  • Carefully align the lower case and then press it firmly until both clips engage.
  • After that gently remove the lower case.


MacBook RAM replacementMacBook RAM replacement

Note: It is advisable to remove the battery first whenever working near the logic board, to avoid short circuits.

  • Grab the plastic tab attached to the battery connector and pull it toward the front edge of the device.
  • If the plastic tab is missing, use a spudger to lift the connector up from its socket.
  • Pull the tab parallel to the face of the logic board.


MacBook RAM replacement MacBook RAM replacement

  • Release the tabs on each side of the RAM chip by simultaneously pushing each tab away from the RAM.
  • These tabs help in locking the chip in place and releasing them will cause the chip to “pop” up.
  • After the RAM chip has popped up, pull it straight out of its socket.
  • Repeat this process if a second RAM chip is installed and then replace it with the new RAM which you have purchased.

Now simply reboot your MacBook and check to see if the new RAM that you replaced is working or not, if not then ensure you have reconnected the RAMcorrectly and without damage.

If you are still experiencing issues with your MacBook after all the above MacBook Pro RAM Replacement Guide and not able to solve at home, visit your nearest service center in Kolkata. Our well trained and certified technicians are well trained to provide your laptop with the utmost care so that you can enjoy your Laptop as soon as possible. We deal with all kind of models starting from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and other MacBook Models. We provide chip-level service and also provide doorstep service all over Kolkata.

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