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We provide reliable iPad repair and the best OEM certified parts and professional support for iPad throughout Kolkata for Apple iPad across Kolkata. Most Trusted After Warranty MacBook service center in Kolkata.

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Get FREE pickup and drop of your device at your doorstep anywhere in Kolkata. 7 days a week, including Sundays.

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Get your iPad repaired by our trained professional with 10+ years of chip-level experience.

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With us, you will get the most affordable repair and replacement of your iPad anywhere in Kolkata.

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With 1000+ iPad repair across Kolkata, we are one of the best choice for any iPad problem. And our customers love us.

I had gone to repair the display of my macbook pro The attendant was knowledgeable,concise and very polite I would recommend this place for all Apple macbook repairs due to their professional services.
Very prompt service. Got my Macbook air keyboard replaced. It was done in a day. I recommend there service to everyone. If you are looking for best repair for macbooks there is no better solution.
Nilratnan Dey
Recently I have replaced my MacBook pro battery there and their service is literally unmatched.They provide same official parts with very competitive pricing compared to the apple authorized service center.
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iPad Repair & Replacement In Kolkata

Onsite iMac Repair In Kolkata. Get premium and affordable iMac repair and service anywhere in Kolkata and Howrah. Call 6290361964, Live chat with us or book a repair today. 

iPad Service Center In kolkata

Whether your tastes are more understated and classic or you prefer something attractive and elegant, you’ll find a great deal of iPad available in the market. It is one of the best value to money and luxurious touch screen tablet PC that has been designed by Apple brilliantly to withstand rigorous use in everyday life. But even after all this, a sudden slip of your iPad that had been put in a trouser pocket in the toilet, or an unintentional liquid spill on the device can make your iPad unusable right away. So if that happens early repair is always recommended before it gets worse.

Even in Kolkata where there are many repair shops, our Spark Apple Service Center has the pride of being the best iPhone repair shop in the region and has the latest repair technology, certified technicians, and quality that never loses to other service centers. So, feel free to contact us for iPad-related issues. We also accept repairs by mail from anywhere in the country.

You can now repair and replace your faulty MacBook Pro Camera from our MacBook Repair center in Kolkata. We offer Servicing in major locations in Kolkata.

 SPARK is the most visited address by any apple user. Most of the people know about us so contact us now and book your repair job.

iPad Screen Replacement

Almost all models of iPad have a large screen and at the same time, it features a ‘thinner form factor’ which has been designed so that it will not become too heavy for users even if it grows large in size. However, it can be said that the toughness of the display or screen has decreased a lot due to thinning and weight reduction. So the number of requests for repairs such as broken displays and cracked screens are also steadily increasing. If you are one of them and searching for the best repair center near you then please contact us right away, and we will be happy to assist you.

iPad Battery Replacement

The battery will age with the length of the use time and the use process. Like major software updates, the use of iPad during charging has the opportunity to accelerate the speed of battery aging. Furthermore, the use of non-original chargers or inferior iPad batteries may cause battery failure. If your battery life has become very short and is draining a lot faster than usual or the iPad has become unable to turn on, you need to immediately change the battery to solve the problem. We at the Spark Apple Service Center provide the best battery replacement service in whole Kolkata right now.

iPad Speaker Repair

The use of a ring lens and rough use of the device may cause the earphone or speaker to malfunction. Dust and moisture can easily enter the interstitial space and cause the circuit components to work very badly. If the headset or headphone fails to hear the other party’s voice during a call, or can’t hear any sounds from videos or songs, then you need to repair your speaker from service centers. We at the Spark Apple Service Centers use genuine apple approved parts and the latest technology to perform all repairs on our devices. So, visit us for any speaker problems.

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Best MacBook Service Center In Kolkata

Get premium and affordable repair for MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iMac & more anywhere in Kolkata and Howrah. Call 6290361964, Live chat with us, or book a repair today. 

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