Common MacBook Problems And How To Fix It

Common MacBook Problems And How To Fix It

Common MacBook Problems And How To Fix It

There are some Common MacBook Problems that users face in their daily life in Kolkata.

Kolkata, which was formally known as Calcutta which is the capital of West Bengal was founded as an East Indian company trading purpose. Kolkata is majorly known for its culture, tradition, art, and architecture. Kolkata is known as the city of Joy as it accepts all kinds of religion and their tradition and also welcomes them with an open heart. Apart from all this historical, mythical and nostalgic feeling Kolkata is also known as the commercial and financial hub for East and North-East India. Slowly Kolkata is emerging as the sector of IT and also and is growing 70% per annum. Technology advancement in Kolkata is growing rapidly and thus allowing the Tech firm to expand rapidly. One of the fast-selling and demanded brand is MacBook as it has the best operating system in it and is best for working use.

MacBook is one of the best and trusted brand in the market. Basically, Macbook is Known for its Operating System. The current lineup consists of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. If your MacBook does not work properly and is having an issue within it while doing any work then it is most likely that the hardware of the MacBook has gotten faulty and needs to be replaced. It can sometimes get frustrating if your MacBook stops working so without wasting time it is best to have a checkup of your laptop. There can be many Common MacBook Problems which can make your device stop working.

Here are some Common MacBook Problems And How To Fix It:

Common MacBook Problems And How To Fix It

MacBook Battery dying – At first, check whether the battery is charging properly or not. If your MacBook gets shut down even after having a healthy battery percentage then that could indicate a different kind of problem. If your device gets shut down, restart your MacBook by clicking the power button and wait for it to power back on. Once macOS loads, choose to restart your MacBook again. Now try to reset your System Management Controller (SMC). This controls many of the important hardware processes of your Mac, like battery charging, sleep modes, and more. If after doing all this still your MacBook gets shut down then take your device to a repair or authorized service center.


Common MacBook Problems And How To Fix It

MacBook turns off when discharged with the charger – The major issue of your MacBook battery getting dead or is draining out when the charger is unplugged can be for any reason. The common reasons for your MacBook battery not charging can be due to a faulty battery, if your battery is dead then your Laptop will work fine when it is connected to the power source but will turn off when the device is disconnected. So it better to visit a trusted store and repair your Laptop battery.


Common MacBook Problems And How To Fix It

MacBook showing Flashing question mark when switching on – If you see a flashing question mark on your screen when you startup your Laptop then the common reason is that when the device can’t find a bootable operating system. The possible reason for this is that your OS can be corrupted or the device does not have enough RAM space or maybe the hard drive is defected.


Common MacBook Problems And How To Fix It

MacBook screen keeps flickering – These flicker problems often look frustrating or even disturbs by repeating appearance. There are a few different things that usually cause this issue. First, check if you have any kind of physical screen damage, which is always a good idea when this problem begins. If the screen appears fine, you can try these following steps to see if they help to resolve the issue.

Reset your device – Rebooting your device can often be effective at fixing minor flickering issues.

Check for any macOS updates that you haven’t updated yet and is there is then update it.

Enter in safe mode and see if you can isolate another app that may be causing the problem


MacBook sound gets cut out – First, check to see if a particular app is not causing the problem. If it still happens then check if you need to update. If after updating your sound gets cut off then maybe you have caused physical damage or your sound system has got defected. Visit a nearby store to repair your device.

Why choose MacBook repair in Kolkata: 

MacBook repair in Kolkata is one of the trusted service centers in Kolkata which deals with all kind of MacBook device. We provide with quality product and also chip – level service. MacBook repair in Kolkata is known for its repair service for all kind of MacBook models throughout Kolkata.

  1. Affordability – We charge our customers a minimal amount compared to the market. 
  2. Certified technicians – All technicians working in MacBook repair in Kolkata are well certified and are market trained with all kind of tech stuff and upgraded equipment.   
  3. Quality Parts – We provide our customers with OEM certified products and also charge very less than the market value.
  4. Door Step service – We provide doorstep service to our customers to provide hassle-free service so that the customers do not face any kind of trouble to repair their device.
  5. Free pickup and drop facility –  We provide free pick up and drop throughout Kolkata to reduce the hassle of our customers. It saves time and effort of the customers and need not waste time in finding a repair center.
  6. Online transaction & COD –  We provide a smooth payment method. Our customers can pay according to their preference. We accept online transaction like Debit Card/ Credit Card, UPI transaction and COD.

If you are still facing Common MacBook Problems with your devices and have no idea about what to do or where to visit then you don’t have to worryMacBook repair in Kolkata is always here to help you. We deal with all kinds of difficult issues regarding your MacBook device and also deal with all kind of models such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and many more. We provide chip-level doorstep MacBook repair throughout Kolkata. Just call us on +91-7044583679 or email us at [email protected] or you can simply live chat with us. We are always happy to help you. 

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